Monday, August 19, 2013


In our house, 100% of the four year olds have needed speech therapy.  They have fabulous vocabularies but their articulation is sorely lacking.  Today Alice went for her first speech assessment, just a short visit with the speech therapist where they confirm that there is, indeed, an issue that needs to be addressed.  She looked so tiny on the front steps of the school and it's hard for me to believe that most kids her age are actually dropped off at school each day.  This year we'll start preschool and a much more consistent school routine, but there will still be lots of time for play.  (Have you seen this article that's been making the rounds on Facebook?  Good stuff.)

It doesn't seem like that long ago that she was the little sister waiting in the hall while Jack was in speech and now she's the one who gets to go inside.  She wanted to wear one of her favorite dresses and wanted her hair in three pony tails.  (We compromised on two.)  She passed her assessment (or failed, I guess) so she will be starting speech soon.  I am dreading the multiple trips to school each week that tend to wreak havoc on our routine, and I am so glad that she's just going for a little while!  Next Monday is our big day!

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