Sunday, August 4, 2013

Road Trip, Round Two

 Friday morning we headed out for our second day of road tripping.

 Our first stop was Prairie Song, which is west of Dewey, OK.  This is a recreation of an 1880s town.  It's kind of hard to explain it, but you really need to go see it!

 This man, Mr. Tate, has built all of the buildings himself without even drawing them out on paper!  His wife has furnished all the buildings with antiques.  This is a 15,000 pound safe that used to be in one of the banks in town.

 The kids in jail!  (Thanks to my friend Rachel and her girls for being our traveling partners all day!)

 We were supposed to go the Friday before, but it was storming so we postponed it.  Just as we drove up, it started raining and rained almost the whole time we were there--but at least it kept us cool!

 After lunch we headed to the Tom Mix Museum, which is in downtown Dewey.

 I knew almost nothing about Tom Mix before we went, but he was a pretty interesting guy.  If you see Alice, you should ask her how he died.

 Alice was able to add to her cowgirl outfit thanks to the museum gift shop!

 After dinner we stopped by the Price Tower Arts Center, the only skyscraper Frank Lloyd Wright ever built.

 It was after hours so we didn't see much of the building, but we did go up to the balconies on the 16th floor.

 Bartlesville from waaay up high!  We drove through Bartlesville and Dewey on the way to and from Omaha many times over the three years we lived there but this is the first time I've done much in the area.  We had a great time!

 We spent the evening at the Kiddie Park again.

 Alice has been so excited about this.

 Remember how the rain kept us cool in the morning?  By evening it was so hot and humid that I wasn't sure the kids would want to stay the whole time.  We went through a lot of bottles of water!

 The Fantastic Four!

 Our friends had to leave a little earlier since they had early soccer in the morning, but the kids kept going.

 Yeah, he's totally about to tickle her armpit.

We stayed until closing time and made it home about 11:30!

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Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I love that last picture!