Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pool Time!

 Our pool is only open on the weekdays for one more week, so we're trying to go as much as we can.  It's nice because by now most people are getting ready to go back to school so it's not very crowded.

 Alice actually swam a tiny bit!

 She spent a lot of the time relaxing.

 We had been there for almost five hours so I told Jack we would go when they called the next adult swim time.  When they blew the whistle for the kids to get out, he had gone down the slides 98 times, so of course we had to wait so he could get to 100!  He waited on the stairs the entire adult swim time so he could finish quickly.



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Jen U. said...

I love it- especially the 100 times down the slide! What a fun place!