Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art

 Last week we took a little road trip to Shawnee.

 We visited the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, which is located on the campus of St. Gregory's University.  They have free admission through the end of August!

 The museum was founded by Father Gregory Gerrer, who collected many of the art in the museum so that the people of Indian Territory who didn't have a chance to travel could still see art from all over the world.

 He was also an artist himself and painted this portrait of Pope Pius X (I think--I could be wrong on that name) and there is a copy that he did that hangs in the Vatican.

 The museum is small, but it has a wide variety of items from different cultures and time periods.  Alice especially liked the mummies!

 A cat mummy!

 June Morning was Alice's favorite painting.

 Trying to look like one of the statues!

 The cabinet of curiosities!  This contains items from all over the world, including shrunken heads!

 The kids worked on making their own landscapes.  You can also download a museum treasure hunt on their website.

 Outside the museum they have a nice little area that the kids enjoyed, too.

 We had lunch at a nearby park (where I didn't take any pictures), and on the way home, we stopped in Jacktown.

Jacktown seems to consist of the convenience store and the fire department, so I guess we hit all the sights to see!

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