Thursday, January 8, 2015

Artist Study: Grant Wood

 We just finished up an artist study on Grant Wood.

 Of course we used the Getting to Know... biography!

 This is another good detailed biography that's divided into short chapters.

 We made our own landscapes with a project from Pinterest.  First we drew in the lines and patterns and then traced them with Sharpie.

 Then we colored them in with watercolor pencils.

 This was my picture after using the pencils.

 Then we painted over the pencil with water.

If you use two colors of pencil it gives it a neat effect.

Jack used a lot of different colors.

Alice used a lot of different patterns.

We also did a fun project from Great American Artists for Kids.  The kids drew other people/creatures in the style of American Gothic--this is supposed to be Lea, our lizard, and Hobo, our dog.  Then we cut the figures out and glued them onto a picture of the house from the original painting.

 I think it turned out really cute!

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Brandy Taylor said...

Ah!!!! I LOVE this!!!!