Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up (1/24)

 Last week started out with trying to take some pictures with my mom and dad's cat.  I'm not sure she was too into it!

 One day the kids got to have lunch with their cousin, who was out of school.

 Friday we went to see my grandma and took her out to lunch.

 We helped her with her laundry and the kids worked on their school stuff while we waited.

 There was also all the usual stuff, like dance...

 ...PE... walking...

 ...swimming... playing (I hope to post more about this soon{ish}!)...

 ...and trying to see who could get to the beanbag first.

 We had some beautiful weather, so there was also a lot of time outside.

We wrapped up the week with a birthday party--this was part of the photo scavenger hunt, which both of my kids thought was so much fun.

This week we have some special things planned!

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