Friday, April 11, 2014

San Antonio (Part 1)

 Last Sunday morning we headed out early (it was definitely not bright at 5:00 am!) for San Antonio.

 This is the picture of the welcome sign into Texas--very appropriate as it poured for a good portion of the drive down.

 When we finally got there a little after 5:00, we headed down to the River Walk for dinner.

 When you're in San Antonio, you have to eat a lot of ice cream.  At least if you're in our family, you do.

 After dinner we checked out our hotel (we stayed at the Drury Plaza Hotel on the River Walk).  The kids loved the rooftop pool and hot tub!

 The view from the pool area--22 floors up!

 Monday morning we got busy.

 Our first stop was the Alamo.

 Next up was a haunted house.  Thankfully Alice saw one of the actors right as we went through the turnstile and freaked out then, because according to the boys it was a pretty scary haunted house and we would have had to carry her back out through it.  She and I ended up hanging out in the snack bar while the boys went through.  We also did the Tomb Rider ride (also not a hit with Alice).

 Everyone enjoyed the Guinness World Records Museum!

 Comparing themselves to the world's tallest man and the world's smallest woman.

 There are lots of goofy photo ops!

 They also have different things you can try, like seeing how many dominoes you can stack or how loud you can scream.

 We went to the Ripley's 4D Theater, which was also a hit with everyone, though I felt a little wobbly afterward!

 This was taken in the Believe It or Not! Odditorium, which was fun.  We also went to Louis Tussaud's Waxworks, which was full of a lot of people the kids didn't recognize.
We had lunch on the River Walk and Alice got Nutella paninis!
We spent the rest of the afternoon at the San Antonio Children's Museum.
They had one of these things, which you may remember from an earlier trip!
They had a front loader the kids could move back and forth.
Flying an airplane!
They had a really nice grocery store section that Alice loved.  They had different scavenger hunt cards for kids to try.
You could also scan the groceries and see your total.
Monday evening we took the boat tour on the river.  These are so fun!
Coming soon: Tuesday and Wednesday!

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