Friday, July 31, 2015

Linnaeus Teaching Gardens

 I posted about the storytime in the gardens, but I never got around to sharing about our first visit to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens in the spring!

 We went with a couple of other homeschooling families and had a tour of the gardens one morning.

 This tree was decorated with a chainsaw!

 There are all kinds of pretty views!

 They don't use any chemicals on the plants, so you can taste test!  (I can't remember what this was called, but it was kind of like a cherry, I think.)

 We saw frogs on the lily pads!

 There is also a children's area inside the barn.

 We went back to the storytime this week--and I just noticed that Jack wore the same shirt he had on when we went in the spring!

 Looking for matching leaves

Another great thing about the gardens is that they're a short drive from the splash pad, so we went there afterward and played and had sno cones!

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