Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Birthday, Alice!

Alice has been SO excited about her birthday this year!  She got up early before Jay left for work to open her presents from us (some things for her American Girl doll, a new bag, and a new Kindle).
She also got a new bracelet, which she wore to the movies that morning.
This year it worked out to have her party on her actual birthday.  She chose a Trolls theme!
Photo booth time!

They made necklaces (with these awesome cords).
Alice taught them how to make Trolls headbands!  (Find the super easy instructions here.)
They turned out so cute!
Our new yard stuff got a workout!
(Not the greatest lighting, but she really wanted to sit with her banner behind her!)
3:31: Exactly 8 years old!
That evening we had our end of the year picnic for 4H, so she got more time to play with friends!

It was a great day!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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