Friday, February 21, 2014

Oklahoma's First Capital

 This morning we set out early for Guthrie, the first capital of Oklahoma.

 We've been reading about the land runs and how Oklahoma became a state, so this was a great place to visit!

 They had dress up clothes for the kids, too!

 I was interested to read this in one of the exhibits because we were just talking about how Mary is always wearing purple in this season of Downton Abbey.

After lunch, we went to the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum.

 There were all kinds of weird things there.  Who would even buy this?!

 And this?  This is just bizarre.  How did this man-baby get malaria?

 This pencil sharpener held your razor blade still for you so it could hack off pieces of wood.  I'm pretty sure I would have lost a few digits using something like that.

 Jack got to learn how to be a soda jerk!

 Next we took a historical trolley tour.

 Alice loves to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, so she was really excited about this!

 Our last stop in town was the Oklahoma Sports Museum.

 We took a different route home and met a friend for dinner at Joseppi's!

Today's mileage was 267.5, which brings our total for the year to 554.4.  That number is about to explode in the next couple of months!

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