Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Wrap Up

 We had a lot of Valentine fun over the last week or so and here are the pictures to prove it!  Alice and Jay went to the Daddy Daughter Dance the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  Her bear was dressed up, too!

 Ready to go!

 Jack was my date for the evening--well, for the first part, at least.  Jay and I had his work party to go to later in the evening.

 We went to see The LEGO Movie for the second time.

 When there's just one kid, Mom will spring for nachos!

 This week the kids had a Valentine party with their PE group, too.  This was the first year we've done premade cards and there was no way to convince Alice she didn't have to write her name in the From and the To sections.  I figure it was good handwriting practice.

 We found these cute (and really easy to put together) boxes for their cards.

 Passing out cards to friends

 Playing a Minute to Win It game

 On Valentine's Day Jack got a new G.I. Joe figure in his mailbox.

 Alice got a new Build A Bear outfit.

 In the afternoon, we went skating.  Alice didn't use her Skate Mate the entire time!

 Going every month has definitely helped them improve!

 One of the treats in their mailboxes was going to the cupcake shop where they have this make your own bath stuff.  We were going to go on Thursday, but we stayed at the party too late to fit it in before swimming, and when we tried to do it on Friday, the shop was closed because they had sold out of cupcakes!  So Saturday morning we went in to make the stuff and have some cupcakes!

 Alice made the ice cream kind.

 Jack with his mad scientist creation!

 You could pick a certain number of icky things to include in your jar.

Alice added sparkles and sprinkles to hers!

We had a great two weeks but now that we're out of winter holidays I'm ready for spring to get here!

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