Sunday, April 17, 2016

Artist Study: Michelangelo

 Lately we have been learning about Michelangelo!

 Books we used:
The Sistine Chapel--no link, because I got it at the Sistine Chapel!
Color Your Own Italian Renaissance Paintings (local people, this is $2 cheaper at Philbrook)

 The kids painted on a "ceiling" just like Michelangelo did!

 Boris was very interested!

 We went on a Sistine Chapel field trip at the planetarium.

 There are quite a few different shows you can see there!

 The kids also made their own copies from the Sistine Chapel.  They started by tracing in pencil...

 ...then outlining in Sharpie...

 ...and then used watercolors.

 I think they turned out so nicely!

 Alice gave hers a caption!  (That's supposed to be Who? God!, not Whoo! God!)

 We tried making cookie sculptures.

 Ummm.....yeah.  But they were pretty yummy.

 We had better success with carving soap sculptures.

A train (Jack). a butterfly (Alice), and a heart (me).

I have several artist studies I need to catch up on with blog posts and we're about to start our last artist for the year!

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