Saturday, April 30, 2016

4H Fashion Revue

 The kids have spent the last couple of months getting ready for the 4H Fashion Revue.  Jack decided to make this costume for his Nana and Papa's dog, Popcorn.

 This was a pretty difficult pattern compared to anything else he's made before!

 Adding the fringe to the vest!

 The Cloverbuds got to enter things, too, so Alice made a t-shirt dress.

 She even got to use the serger!

 Last week we took it out for Popcorn to try on.

 It looked great!

 Last night was the Fashion Revue.  The kids showed their items to the judges and answered questions.

 Showing her skirt

 Answering questions about his costume

 Showing his drawstring bag

 First place!!

 After the judging, the kids walked across the stage and showed their items off.

 Jack got to pick two prizes (one from the first place table for the costume, and one from the third place table for his bag!), so he gave one to Alice.  Sweet boy!

Showing off their ribbons!  They did a great job!

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