Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Pet Show

 Last night was the pet show for our 4H group.  There were several different categories the kids could enter, so they decided to try to catch some things in the creek.

 Alice built a little habitat in the container.

 Success!  Jack caught three tadpoles and Alice caught two!

 Jack was on the pet show committee, so we made pet-themed snacks to take.

 Alice decorated these cookies all by herself!

 Alice showed her tadpoles.

 She also showed our friend's hermit crabs and a stuffed animal.

 Jack also showed his tadpoles.

 He won first place in the nature category!

 The hermit crabs won ugliest--though in their defense, they were the only ones in that category!

And Popcorn won second place in best dressed with the outfit Jack made for the Fashion Revue!

It was a lot of fun and the kids got some cool prizes for the pets.  Tonight is the Food Showdown and then things will slow down a bit--at least with 4H!

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