Friday, May 6, 2016

Food Showdown

 Tuesday night was the 4H Food Showdown.  Jack was on a team called The Ring of Fire.

 Making sure their area is ready

 Time to cook!

 They were given a clue and four secret ingredients they were required to use.

 They had 30 minutes to make their recipe, write it down, and clean up their area.  Judges came around while they were working.
 At the end, they presented their dish to the judges.

 With their dish!

 While the big kids were working on their dishes, the Cloverbuds learned about cookie decorating.

 These girls love playing together!

 Alice took the decorating very seriously!

 She even tried her hand at making an icing rose!


Jack says he's not sure if he'll do the Food Showdown again next year, but I'm glad he decided to try it out.  He's so good about trying new things!

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