Thursday, May 26, 2016

Candy Castle

 As a treat for completing 25 days of the Read Aloud Revival read aloud challenge, I told the kids we could go to Candy Castle yesterday.  When we got there, we found Discover Oklahoma was doing a shoot.  They told the kids to go ahead and look around while they were filming.

 A few minutes later, Jack was putting on a microphone!

 Even though this was the first time we'd ever been there, he was pretty successful at selling it as one of the best places ever.

 Alice even agreed to be interviewed!

 My blurry picture of the treats they picked--a Giggle Potion and a cotton candy ice cream cone.

It was great!  They have so many different candies and treats to choose from and we will definitely go back!

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Unknown said...

Hi, Jen! It's been a long wait, but we just wanted to let you know that our segment will air on Discover Oklahoma this weekend! You can see it now at the link below. Jack & Alice did an amazing job, and we really appreciate having families like yours as customers. Thank you for helping make our feature awesome!

Tom Ford
Co-Owner, Candy Castle

Link to video: