Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zoo Snooze

 After spending the day at the Medieval Fair, we spent the night at the zoo!

 During the evening program, Jack was a gorilla.

 Alice was a sea turtle!

 We got to see several animals up close, like this possum...

 ...and a chinchilla...

 ...and an armadillo!

When it got dark, we went on a hike around the zoo!

 Can you see the gorilla sleeping?

 It was fun to be out in the zoo in the dark!

 Ready for the late movie!

 Jack and I had pretty padded sleeping bags, so we slept on the floor.  Alice decided to sleep in the wagon!

 When we got up this morning, we went on another hike around the zoo.

 This lion likes to sit in the sun in the mornings--just like another big cat I know!

 When we reached the barn for the nocturnal animals, they still had their lights on!  We could see the owls a lot better this way!

We had a lot of fun!

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