Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Owl Moon

 For Alice's most recent unit study, we read Owl Moon and did some fun owl and moon activities.  Since all of my lapbook stuff was on the computer that crashed last year and hasn't been transferred anywhere yet, we skipped that part!

 A couple of good non-fiction go-alongs we used

 Owl Babies was an old favorite but Owls in the Family was new to all of us.  It's a cute story about a boy who rescues and raises two owls.

 We saw some owls when we went to the zoo.  Can you see him in the tube?

 We also dissected owl pellets!

 When I ordered an owl pellet for Jack when he was younger, I was able to find a synthetic one, but these were the real deal.

 He really enjoyed it and was able to put together a lot of a skeleton!

 We went to the planetarium and saw a show that explained the phases of the moon.

 I found this great (and free!) template on TPT!

Lots of fun!

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