Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break

 It wasn't really my intent to take a real spring break, but the weekend started off with sickness and carried into the beginning of the week, so there was a lot of sleeping in going on.

 Tuesday we went to a show at the planetarium and then played with friends.  The weather was perfect!

 Wednesday we went to lunch with our neighbors.

 We had sewing for 4H.

 And the kids took a sewing class, too!  (There's been a lot of sewing going on around here lately!)

 Thursday we went to see Great-Gran and Jack gave her the bag he made in class.

 We went to lunch and the kids hit it big in the prize claw!

 After PE, we stopped for green ice cream for St. Patrick's Day!

 Then it was back to 4H for more sewing.  (I told you there was a lot of sewing going on!)

 We also had our traditional rainbow jello!

 Friday we went to a dog show!

 We've never seen anything like this in person and we had a great time!

 We wrapped up Friday with skating.

Hopefully our regular week will not be so exhausting!

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