Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zoo Day

 Friday the kids had zoo class again!  The weather was so nice, so we got there early to walk around the zoo before class started.

 We lucked out and got there in time to feed the giraffes!

 So fun!

 Turtle vets!

 The zoo hospital opened last fall, but this was the first time we've visited.

 Checking out slides

 This was a fun exhibit where you read a medical case and tried to diagnose the animal.

 Did I mention how great the weather was?

 And of course, we visited some of our favorite animals.

 Really, there's not much that can beat hanging out with your babies at the zoo on a sunny afternoon.

 The kids' classes were about invertebrates.

Stealing a peek at his favorite turtle!

Next month I think we're going to try the homeschool zoo snooze--I'm feeling brave after the night at the science museum!

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