Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bright Nights

 Last night we participated in the Bright Nights overnighter at the science museum with 4-Hers from around the state!

 The theme was Star Wars!

 Ready for the Science Live show


 They had tables with different activities set up in the main area.  Alice is eating a cheese ball that was frozen with liquid nitrogen and then blowing out the smoke!

 Riding on a hovercraft!

 They got to make their own light sabers.

 Jack was able to balance for more than 9 seconds!

 When it was time for lights out around 12:30, they started showing the original Star Wars movies.  Jack lasted until about 3:30.

 Alice and I went to bed.  We look pretty happy for people who are about to sleep on a concrete floor!

 We got up about 6:45 this morning.  This is the aviation room where we slept.

 There was just enough time to play a little more.

 At 7:30 we left and hit the road!

 When we got back, the kids had a birthday party...

 ...and then Alice had a basketball game!

Not long after we got home, she fell asleep and I took a nap, too.  Jack is still going--and he has a basketball game tonight!

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