Friday, January 15, 2010

Snowy Stories

We've been enjoying winter stories lately. We even have a few for Alice, and she has been devouring them--literally. Don't you like Jack's snowflake decorations in our window?

In December, we rowed Owl Moon. We were supposed to go on a full moon walk at the nature center, but it was canceled because of the cold. Hopefully we'll get to do that sometime this spring!

We read lots of different books about owls, forest animals, and the moon.

I ordered a synthetic owl pellet for Jack to dissect. I just couldn't psych myself up for a real one.

It turned out to be something he could do well on his own and it's wasn't gross at all!

We talked about the phases of the moon when we did this activity with Oreos.

Here's part of our finished lapbook, turned sideways for some reason. The lapbook components are from HomeschoolShare.

Last week we rowed Katy and the Big Snow.

The good thing about homeschool: You can do school in the bathtub. The bad thing about homeschool: Mom makes you work in the bathtub. Jack practiced writing some troublesome letters in the "snow."

We did an experiment (from The Mailbox) to see what happens when you put salt water on ice.

Alice is always curious about what we're doing.

We made traffic light snacks one morning. (Idea from HomeschoolShare, of course!)

Part of Jack's Katy lapbook. (Any guess where the lapbook stuff is from?)

Later in the week, we read The Hat.

The Mailbox had a cute idea for making a Hedgie snack from a banana, crushed chex, and candy.

We also read The Mitten--I scored a nice 20th Anniversary copy at Sam's a few weeks ago.

Jack was thrilled that I found our mitten match game. I got this for about two bucks from Oriental Trading Company a year or so ago and it is one of his favorite things!

We are slowly getting into a better school routine. It's hard with a baby who hardly naps, but Jack and I are both getting better about being flexible and still getting everything in. He is wanting to go back to the envelope version of the workbox system that we used last spring, so I am hoping to start that up again in the next week or two. Stay tuned for pictures of our rainforest unit soon!

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Edwena said...

WOW! Sounds like a ton of fun. Your dc are lucky to have such a sacrificing mom to gather all those resources together.