Friday, January 1, 2010

Pool Party

My parents took the kids to stay at the same hotel we visited last winter, so I brought Alice by to try out the pool.

She looks excited about it, doesn't she?

It didn't last.

I guess it was a letdown.

She did like hanging out poolside and watching the other kids. At least the swimsuit was only $2.98.


Amber said...

She looks happier on the bed! ;-) She is too cute!

Sue said...

She is a cutie!

Lynn said...

Oh man, she is adorable with a capital A. I have to tell you again, I love your header. :)


Brian said...

Awww baby girl.. Tori was the same way the first time I brought her in the pool. Now she's quite the little mermaid. We have a water park (just an open area with a bunch of fountains, and water jets, and water toys that she LOVES! She is quite the cutie, though - you're very lucky :)

Lauri said...

Alyssa hated the pool too. I LOVE her face when she is on the couche!!! You can't be happier than that. And the suit is so cute!!!