Friday, January 29, 2010

Catching Up

Hello! I think I may finally be catching up from last week's sickness and this weeks errands. Maybe. It's been a crazy week.

Sunday was bring a friend to choir night. They also got to go shopping at the music store.

Monday I took the kids to OKC for one last trip to the Omniplex before our membership expires.

We met up with some friends and we had a good time.

Even Alice found something to do.

And I found things to do with Alice.

Tuesday was spent grocery shopping and making sure we were prepared for the ice that arrived last night. Wednesday morning we decided we might need a generator, so I toted the kids around town looking for one. Happily, I scored one in about two hours. Then my parents had the wonderful task of coming to pick it up and deliver it for us. Turns out a generator won't fit in a Corolla. Who knew?

As you can see on the shed, we have some ice, but thankfully we have not lost power. It started snowing while I was typing this, so we'll see how it goes!


Rachel said...

Yuck! I hate ice! We have a little sleet mixed with snow, but it is coming down really fast now! I really need to take the kids to the Omniplex soon. Maybe a Spring break trip.

Rachel said...

Jen - I'm hoping you don't have too many problems with things freezing up and that you don't have to actually use that generator!