Sunday, January 17, 2016

So Far

 This year has gotten off to a busy start, so here's a quick post of some of the things we've done so far!  One day we went to lunch at Chuck E Cheese with some friends and the kids were totally glad to dance with the giant mouse so they could grab the tickets he would throw at the end of the dance.

 They pooled all their tickets and shared their prizes.

 Alice took another sewing class where she made this cute skirt!

 We took a field trip to Gilcrease during our artist study on Winslow Homer.

 The kids started playing basketball!  Sadly, this is the best shot of them I got before their first practices.

 Alice is the only girl on her team, but that doesn't seem to bother her.

 In Jack's age group they are playing full court.
 We took a little road trip to OKC.

 He said he had a plan....and it still looks very much like this a week later!  It is easier to dig through, though...

 Cozy nights!

 At Cloverbuds the kids learned about Chinese New Year and made noisemakers.

Last week the kids camped out in the living room for a couple of nights.  I *love* not having wood floors!
 Alice lost her third tooth!

We took my grandma out to lunch and when we got back, the kids enjoyed riding on her walker on the way back to her apartment!

We've got a really, really, really busy couple of months ahead, but there are lots of fun things and after getting through these first couple of weeks, I'm even hopeful that it's all going to be manageable!

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