Monday, January 21, 2008

Confessions of a Bad Cat Mama

I was snuggled up with Boris (aka Bobey) the other night when I came to the horrifying realization that I am a Bad Cat Mama, with a capital B, C, and M. In the rush of everything going on lately, I completely forgot Bobey Day. I don't mean I thought of it but didn't do anything, I mean it didn't even cross my mind! Just in case you don't have it marked on your calendar, Bobey Day is January 7, and is the anniversary of the day we brought home our Super Cat, Boris.

Super Cat in Action

We have done our best to celebrate--or at least acknowledge--this special day each year since we brought him home in 2002. My Christmas present for 2001 was a litter box and cat food and a kitten, yet to be found. Let me tell you, kittens are hard to come by in the middle of winter and at least twice I ended up in tears over this. But we were patient (no, not really) and saw an ad for animals from the shelter being shown at PetSmart. (Or maybe it's PetsMart. I'm not sure, which I think is what they're going for.) I found the cutest little 4 month old kitten, and Jay found this poor little striped 9 month old huddled in the corner of his cage in the litter box. It looked just like his old cat, Bud, so we ended up with two cats--Boris and Bella (we renamed her Biscuit).
Boris the night we brought him home. I thought he looked so big!


Within a week, Boris was under the entertainment center coughing like crazy. We took him to the vet (over and over and over again) and about 5 months and $2000 later he was cured. He looked a little rough for a while, to say the least, but Jay took great care of him and today he is fat and happy. Unfortunately, Biscuit turned out to have FIP and we had to put her to sleep.
Now that is just scary!

Playing rubberbands with Jay

Boris has great dental hygiene. He and Jay floss together every night. Yes, Jay always goes first.

After Jack was born it was a little bit of an adjustment to not being the only child anymore, but he eventually warmed up to him and now they play quite a bit.
Just hanging out on the sofa

It's hard not to like someone who sleeps as much as you do. July 2004

Boris is pretty sure this is his bed, too. May 2007

Sweet Cat

So there is a little round up of Bobey pictures. Those of you who know me well know that yes, 10 pictures is indeed showing restraint. But don't worry, I've got plenty more lined up for his birthday (April 7). So in honor of Bobey Day + 2 weeks, eat some good food, take a sun nap, and drink from the bathroom sink!

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