Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Build A Bear

Today we made our first trip to Build a Bear to make a Valentine's present for Daddy. (No peeking, Daddy.) And one for Jack, too, of course. He chose a triceratops for himself and a husky dog for Jay. The Build a Bear lady thought he was just the cutest thing ever because when she told him to make a wish on the hearts for the stuffed animals, he said, "I wish this day would never end!" Where were the video cameras?! I need some Build a Bear cash for that one!

Getting the hearts ready

Putting in the stuffing

Giving the animals their "baths." I think this was his favorite part.

After the animals were ready, we went to the clothing area. I had thought this would be a great connection for Jesse Bear, the book we are starting next. Not one to like connections, Jack refused clothes. Don't you know animals don't wear clothes, Mom? I guess I should be glad he saved us the extra money. Then we named the animals (triceratops is now Greeny and dog is now Bear) and got them birth certificates. I got out with two animals for about $40, which wasn't as bad as I thought. All in all it was pretty fun and Jack even rode the escalator down without being held.

Jack and Greeny

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Tiffany said...

FUN! We spent all afternoon last Monday at the mall for Grace's birthday. We of course stopped at BAB. Gracie got a valentine puppy and Samantha got a brown bear. I wish I would have thought of the BAB idea. That place makes a killing!