Saturday, January 12, 2008

Zoo Time

Today was Jack's zoo class on jaguars. (For a brief synopsis on what he learned, see below.) We did some songs, read a book, made a jaguar, had a snack, and then went out on the zoo grounds.

We got to see a couple of jaguars outside, even though it was chilly.

This is the first time we have ever seen the cougars awake! Jay called just as we were watching them and Jack couldn't wait to tell him.

One of Jack's friends was also in his class so we went around the zoo with them afterward. Isn't this a cute picture? The moms learned that three year old boys are FAST.

Jack could watch the sea lions all day if you would let him.


Can you find the fish in this picture?
Some pretty leaves

After the zoo we came home and watched the Green Bay/Seattle game and played trains. The new High Five was in the mailbox today, so we read that over dinner and then watched a movie. Tonight's bedtime story was White Snow, Bright Snow. I am always amazed at how long he can stay awake!

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