Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Organized (Day ?)

I haven't taken on any big organization projects since moving the bookshelf into Jack's room almost three weeks ago, so I realized today I had better get in gear. While Jack watched cartoons, I cooked lunch and cleaned out the junk drawer. I forgot to take a before picture.

Yes, that box does say Bacon Mints.

This afternoon it was time to tackle the hall closet. Before pics:

And after pics:

The closet was a little hard for me, because I couldn't decide if tissue paper counted as a wrapping supply (keep it in the hall closet) or a craft supply (put it in the craft closet). I decided on wrapping supply--I know the suspense was killing you. I don't need to buy shirt boxes or small gift bags for at least the next six Christmases. I did cheat a little and add the sack containing my queen outfit from high school back after I took the pictures. I just can't figure out where to put it, and throwing it out isn't an option. You never know when you'll need a good queen costume, and it is loose enough that I am pretty sure it would still fit.

A few bonus pictures...In the top of the closet were a couple of old photo albums from high school. Of course I had to flip through them, and look what I found!

Me filling up the Prizm. I wish I could see the price of unleaded. And no mom, I didn't stop at the gas station at night. That is some kind of weird camera trick. I'm sure of it.

Jay dressed like a monk and dissecting a rat. Doesn't everyone have a picture of their husband like this?

And spam. I remember the evening this was taken, but I can't really remember why we were doing this.

Now it's on to the kitchen!

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