Monday, January 28, 2008

Turning the Corner

After a long night spent with hot sick child breath in my face and a large cat sleeping on my backside, I woke to find that Jack seemed to be feeling better. After watching some cartoons we had some pancakes, played some trains, and finished the train lapbook (post to come).

He made this track himself.

In the afternoon, though, the fever came back and the snot began to flow. Of course he didn't want to blow his nose or let me wipe his face, so after a while his face developed that sheen so common to sick three year olds. Eventually he gave in and took a couple of chewies, and by bedtime he felt good enough to read through the new issue of Ladybug that came in the mail today.

Snuggly boys

Lest we infect our friends, we have canceled plans to attend book club tomorrow and instead will play at home. The weather is supposed to turn cold, so it may turn out to be a pretty good day for staying in. Hope you are warm, too.

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