Monday, January 28, 2008

Trains Lapbook

A little while ago Jack saw a copy of Freight Train and immediately wanted to do "train school." Knowing nothing about trains myself, we went to the bookstore and loaded up and for the last couple of weeks we have been learning about trains. We finished up the lapbook today, except, of course, for the cover. We are always behind on the cover. He did, however, add to the cover of the Corduroy lapbook he did a few months ago...
This is the accordion ABC Train we found at HomeschoolShare. I attached it to the folder with a magnet so he can take it out.

This is the wheel showing different people who work on a train. It is really hard to find pictures of that kind of thing!

Our books that we read--a mix of fiction and non-fiction. I think the favorite was Inside Freight Train, which is a pull-apart book. Very cool.

This is his layer book of things that trains carry.

These are his word cards. There are about four million new words we came across, but we focused on the types of cars. Jack was adamant that I put down that a tank car carried water and juice. He did NOT want me to just write "liquids." We were excited to see some hopper cars on the way to Sonic this evening--he even yelled out, "Hopper cars!"

These are the foam cars I made (a la Freight Train) for our new felt board. Now we're on to Jesse Bear!

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Heather said...

Now I KNOW we need to do trains next!! I'm planning on Mailing May for our FIARowers and with my K-er we'll do the HSS train stuff along side it.

My 2yo may love it as well. Thanks for sharing this. I'm excited!!