Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Busy Day!

We've been busy again since last night's post. Before bed I switched out the hall frame to some skating pictures from Christmas. This morning the plan was to drop off my car for maintenance stuff then pick it up in the afternoon. So we dropped it off, went to breakfast and the retirement home and then got a call that we needed a new tire. After a quick stop at the mall we thought we'd just drop the car at WalMart for the new tire. After twenty minutes at WalMart, I left, thinking the problem would be solved and we'd pick it up a little later. But after arriving at the restaurant for lunch, WalMart called and said that even though they had told me they had six of the tire I needed, they actually didn't have any, and isn't that just crazy?! The lady was nice enough to call around and find me a tire somewhere else, though, so I didn't have to implode. Jack got to have lunch at one of his new favorite restaurants. You can't beat free chips and cheese!

When he went back to the restrooms with Grandma he saw a painting of some tulips and told her he'd like to get some for his mom, so they surprised me with these later!

After dinner it was time for puppets.
He's in the tub right now and will hopefully be asleep early tonight. After two busy days I am ready for a break. And maybe part two of the Magnum PI I watched the other night.

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Heather said...

Ahhh! Is that the new Creative Memories frame on your wall?? That thing is COOL!

I would love to have one.