Monday, January 28, 2008

Any Ideas?

I don't know what to do with my craft closet. A little history...When we were moving, I had two days to find a house. Somehow when I looked at this house I didn't see this nice sized closet in the laundry room, so it was a nice surprise when we moved in. But I don't know what to do to really use the space well. When we moved in there was nothing in the closet, so my dad put in the two metal shelves. Then I had a bright idea to put those two hanging shelves below the bottom shelf. Jay will tell you that it was NOT such a bright idea, but he did manage to make it work.

So this is my current decluttering project. I want to make all of our regularly used art supplies easily available and I also want my scrapbook stuff within easy reach. Hopefully next week there will be some much better looking pictures here!

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Heather said...

Ok you have me beat. Your closet has a door with the cool thing on it. I have no door.

I made progress last night so I'm hopeful this will turn out.

Alana gave me the suggestion of just cleaning it out and get back to the roots. I had a good system at one time and I overloaded it. She's right.

So, I'll be doing the middle shelf and then see what I can get up off the floor in there. Whatever doesn't fit will have to go someplace else. I'm thinking felt and yarn will need to be with my craft stuff. That will free up some space. I also have a lot to throw out that isn't usable anymore. We'll see what happens.

Good luck!

Heather W