Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Busy Day!

Today was a busy day! While I was at a meeting, Grandma took Jack to storytime at the library. After that, they worked some more on the snowmen for our visit tomorrow. When I got home we went to lunch at V's, then to Hobby Lobby, then to Target. We went back home for a while before going out for dinner and dessert. So here it is just after 9:00 and I'm beat. A few pictures from today...The bouncy ball again. I thought this one was just too cute not to post. And thanks to my friend Christy for telling me how to upload the video!

Jack was the Chutes and Ladders champ today. He also got Grandma to work all of his puzzles with him.

This is the new lamp we got at Target today so we can read before bedtime. Tonight's story was Franklin and the Thunderstorm. Those pjs he's wearing are new, too--sort of. I had gotten them on clearance and put them away and forgotten about them. When I was cleaning yesterday they fell out of hiding, so it was a nice perk. Now I'm off to walk and then to bed. Tomorrow is another busy day!

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Tiffany said...

You went to two of my fav stores!! I think Target should just set up a bed in back for me I am there so much!