Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holy Cow!

Repeat that about 100 times (maybe a few more) and you will have your very own reenactment of me opening my box of scrapbook goodies from Heather. Heather had a give away on January 1, and she said she was giving away some stuff she wasn't going to use, so I was thinking maybe a large envelope of stuff or something. Maybe a little box. Maybe. So when a large priority box was on the porch, I was surprised. When I picked it up and realized how heavy it was, I was confused. And when I opened it, I was freaking out. Inside was a big stack of gorgeous papers (2 inches thick!) and all sorts of doo-dads, some of which I am not sure how to use, but I'll be sure to find out. Clearly I am not going to be needing any paper for a little while, but since you are not lucky me, you can head on over to Twelve Fridays and see all the cool papers Heather has available. For ideas, check out her regular blog, Sweet Simplicity, to see lots of different layouts. Thanks again, Heather, for the best prize I've ever won!


Heather said...

You are quite welcome my friend! I am so glad you liked it all and you are too sweet! :)

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Jen that is amazing!!!!! I wish I knew what to do with even a quarter of it! I'm sure you will find some great uses for it!

Hope Jack is feeling better!