Monday, January 14, 2008

Shopping Day

"Shopping day, it's shopping day!
Shopping day, it's shopping day!
No, it's not bunny hopping day;
Today's the day we shop!"

Just in case you aren't familiar with The Backyardigans (and I can't imagine there is anyone who isn't!), that is a take off on one of our favorite songs. So, no, I don't really sit around making up songs about shopping. Today was just going to be storytime and WalMart, but then I found out Old Navy was having a sale. So 4 pants, 4 tops, 1 jacket, and 1 pair of pjs later, I was out only $25.69. Then it was off to do the grocery shopping, which was not as fun, but necessary.

This afternoon brought our first movie especially made for Jack (Freight Train) and the beginning of "train school," something he has been asking for for about two weeks now. Of course there will be pictures later!

A couple of pictures from our day:

Jack getting an important call this morning. He LOVES to talk on the phone.

Playing chess at the library. We have to do this every time we go. And of course the librarians got on to me for playing such a trick on them as cutting his hair and then sending him to storytime with Grandma.

Now the boys are asleep and I've got an episode of Moonlighting with my name on it!

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