Thursday, November 29, 2007

Insect Class

Today Jack went to his zoo class. This month the topic was insects. Here is what he learned (in his words):

"Bugs have six legs and two matennas. I saw bug puppets and a pillow butterfly. I goed outside and saw bugs and I saw some in cages. I made a bug, too, and I named it Lady. I touched a bug and it felt like a fingernail."

This is the bug he touched--a hissing cockroach. They are from Madagascar and at the zoo they feed them sweet potatoes. They are housed in the Island Life building, which is quite possibly the most humid 1200 or so square feet in the world.

After class we went to feed the ducks. At first there weren't any there, but after we threw a few pieces of bread out we had lots of company!

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RWBGMA said...

Jack, I love your bug!