Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jeepers Keepers

This month's zoo class was all about being a zookeeper. One of the zookeepers built a special play cage for Tinkerbell the ferret, so the kids got to see her try it out.

She was more interested in the kids than the cage.

They also practiced picking up snakes with a hook.

Later they had to design homes for animals. Yes, that's an aquarium with bars he's drawing right there.

After class we found that they do, indeed, sell snocones still, even though it's not summer. And we found out that snocones last a lot longer when it's not summer. This one took over an hour to finish, and there was still half a glass of snocone juice left!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping those weren't real snakes????? RWBGMA

Julie said...

I see that you are reading Eat, pray, love. I really liked that book. Let me know what you think when you are done reading it. Also, your email address was erased by my hotmail account, will you please send me an email. :)