Saturday, February 28, 2015


 So.....February kind of ate my lunch.  We've had sickness and bad weather and a bunch of other stuff going on, which has resulted in a severe lack of blog time.  Here's a quick shot of our last month!

 Jack with groundhog teeth!

 February 4 is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

 On our way to OKC for zoo class

 The weather was nice enough to spend quite a bit of time around the zoo.  The gorillas were especially fun to watch.

 Even the non-zoo animals were a lot of fun!
Alice and Jay went to the annual Daddy Daughter Dance together.

While they were at the dance, Jack and I went to see the Spongebob movie.

After the dance and the movie, Jay and I went out.
Every year the hospital has a big party right before Valentine's Day.  This year it was a Mardi Gras party.

 Alice had a dance program for Valentine's Day.

 We had a small Valentine party at our co-op and the kids made their own Valentines.

 Jack won two free classes at a local martial arts place and got to break a board!

 One day when the public schools were out, the 5th and 6th graders had a special day of activities at church and then they got to go to Incredible Pizza.

 While Jack was doing that, Alice got to have a fun day with friends at the mall.  We went to Build a Bear and played and rode the carousel and had Dippin Dots.

 There has been lots of swimming...

 ...and our co-op started back up for the semester this month.  (Jack was working on a drawing of a soup can.)

And we've finally gotten some winter weather!  Hobo loves the snow!

Hopefully I will be a better blogger in March!

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