Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Year Ago (Or Seven Years Ago, If You're Hobo)

 The other night this picture popped up in my Facebook Memories feed.  A dog had started hanging around our house and he needed a home.  One year ago today, we made the decision he could stay!

 There were a lot of late nights and early mornings spent walking back and forth to his kennel at our neighbors' house.  It's probably good we didn't know how long we'd be doing that, or we might have said no!

 He *loves* riding in the car!

 Two days before we moved, our neighbors threw Hobe a little going away party, complete with homemade dog treats!

They made this whole dog thing possible for our kids.  Some days we're thankful and some days, not so much.  Ha!

 The boys in the new yard--now there's a big patio-sized kennel thanks to someone's penchant for digging!

 Our neighbor made him a new blanket!

I think his two favorite things are the hose and bubbles.

 Waiting politely...

 That dog can jump!


(And I still can't believe we have a dog!)

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Ami Brainerd said...

So sweet! !! I love watching kids with their pets--especially cats and dogs. :) :)