Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vet School Open House

Saturday we went to the Vet School open house at OSU.  There are only 30 vet schools in the country, so it's a neat opportunity to have one so close!
They had a K9 demonstration by the Stillwater Police.
We also watched presentations on clicker training and agility.
Inside there were lots of fun things for the kids to see and do!
A painted horse!
Here they had to feel around to see if they could figure out what each animal had swallowed.
This was a really interesting station where you could see a scene as you saw it and then as different animals would see it.
Alice's favorite was the teddy bear surgery.  Each kid could pick a stuffed animal and decide what was wrong with it.  Here she's helping give her rabbit anesthesia.
All ready for surgery!
She was doing stomach surgery because her rabbit had eaten some Starbursts.
Then they stitched them back up and the kids got to take the animals home!
Checking out a pregnant cow...parts...I'm not really sure what all parts were included there.  Alice couldn't eat her hot dog after this because she kept thinking of it!
They do this each year, so we'll definitely go again!

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