Sunday, July 2, 2017

Survivor Camp

 In addition to Multi County Camp, Jack also participated in Survivor Camp in June.  He had a great time last year and was excited to get to see in come together this year since I was on the committee.  Last year they had a plane crash; this year they were shipwrecked!
 They had to work together in their tribes to make rafts--which was a great way for me to get rid of the copious amounts of styrofoam we had in our garage!

 Jack's group's raft

 They had different challenges to compete in, like making the best tasting flavored water...

 ...and sailboat races!

 The Navy came to speak one afternoon.

 Giving speeches

 Making sushi--one of Jack's favorite challenges!

 Trying to see how many marbles they can pick up with their toes

 Learning CPR

 Another challenge was to use candy to make a scene on a graham cracker--these kids were really creative!

 Checking out the storm chaser's truck

 A state trooper who does lake patrols came to talk to the kids about water safety.

 The kids had to do a relay where they had to carry a heavy weight, and then run and find the right size of life jacket.

 Once it was on, they had to get it checked, hop in the boat to find a hidden object, take the life jacket off, and then run back to their team.

 The kids earned shells over the three days for different tasks.  They also voted on awards for their tribe members and Jack got the leadership award.

On the last afternoon we took the kids swimming--a great treat since the air conditioners at the extension office were not working all week!

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