Sunday, January 14, 2018

Starting Out

 This week has mostly been about getting back into the school routine.  It's also been about starting a new routine for the cats.  We have been letting them out at breakfast and then they spend the morning with us in the school room.

 It's been good for getting us to go right to work after breakfast, but there are also lots of moments where we stop for pictures.  Because they're adorable.

 Alice is our 4H club's Member of the Month for January, so she gets to sit in the special chair.

 We're participating in the Read Aloud Revival challenge, so we're spending at least 20 minutes of the day with the kids reading aloud.

 We also started back with our artist studies.  Neville was really interested in the painting!

 We got a new Dunkin Donuts in town just before Christmas but we waited until the crowds finally died down to visit.  The kids thought it was worth the wait!

 We made some winter art (last week) that I got in frames so we can put them in our school room.

 Again, because they're adorable.

 Yesterday was all about relaxing--at least after early swim team.  Alice made us some eggs.

 We also watched Star Wars--Alice for the first time and me for the first time since I was a kid.

And for the first time since we've moved in, my shelves are looking good!  We're ready for the new week!

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Kendra said...

I love that artwork! It's beautiful!!