Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy Birthday, Alice!

 Alice is 9 now!

 She started the day with presents from us and from Jack.
 She had made a card for us, too!

 She wanted to play at the park and splash pad and have a picnic.  Unfortunately, not all of the groceries made it back into the cart and I didn't realize it until we were across town, but at least they had a big bag of chips to snack on!

 She spent the afternoon in puppet camp, which she is loving.  This is the only picture I have because they are keeping the puppets a secret until the performance on Friday.

 3:31:  She's officially 9! (At Target, looking for a friend's birthday gift)

 She requested Arby's for dinner.

 Then we went to the Pop House for popsicles!

 Birthday selfie at the fountains!

 Last week she had a party with her friends.  They made fairy gardens!

 Alice made this frame!

 She decorated her cake, too!

 For her Sunday dinner at my mom and dad's, she picked her usual: popcorn chicken, chips, potatoes, bread, and cottage cheese.

She asked for mayo and candy cigarettes and my sister added an ash tray, which she loved!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  You are so smart and sweet and funny and we love you so so much!

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