Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As I was talking with my friend Alicia yesterday, I realized that what I said about reality shows in my other post was not exactly true. I don't watch shows like Survivor or Big Brother, but when I'm at my parents' house (they have cable, we don't), I do watch a few shows if they're on: 16 and Pregnant (makes me feel good about my parenting skills), Jon and Kate Plus 8 (makes me feel good about my marriage), and 18 Kids and Counting (makes me feel good about just having two kids). After thinking about it, it does seem kind of like a voyeur thing, but as Sheri said in her comment, they (bloggers and the people on TV) are inviting you in, so it's not the same as peeping through the curtains or something creepy like that. In a month or two we'll be moved into the new house and not spending the night here all the time, so then I'll be able to say I don't watch reality shows!

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Angela said...

Ha! I love your reasons for watching those shows!! 18 kids....I can't even begin to imagine and they are just so organized!!