Sunday, August 2, 2009


I have never gotten into reality shows, but I love reading blogs. Jay doesn't get this at all. He thinks I am some kind of voyeur or something. Maybe so. I enjoy seeing what's going on in the lives of these people. I like seeing their vacation pictures and what they've been doing in school. I'm easily entertained.

I currently subscribe to 54 different blogs. There are people I've known since elementary school--or before--(Angie, Rachel, Jenny), people I've known since high school (Jimmy), people I've known since college (Julie), and people Jay has known for ages, but I've just met (Brenda). There are the people I "know" online: Heather, Michele, and Jennifer, to name a few. There are the ones that just about everyone knows (Elizabeth Foss, Dawn, Matt Logelin), and the random ones I've stumbled across somehow (Steece's Pieces).

Almost all of the blogs I read have something to do with kids and/or homeschooling. Surprising, huh?

My most favorite blog lately is one I have written about before, A Familiar Path. Unless I'm imagining it, Melissa used to have the line "You've probably been there, too"--or something close to that--on her header. And boy, have I. As I read her entries, I find myself shaking my head and thinking, "I so know what you mean. Really." I laughed until I cried the first time I saw this picture. And who can't identify with exploding boobs? Seriously, if you didn't go read this blog the last time I talked about it, you need to head over there now. You can thank me later.


Sheri said...

You know, I suppose it could be some sort of voyeurism, looking into someone else's life, but if you think about it, they invite you in! My theory is that reading blogs gives you great ideas whether it be painting, crafting, schooling, parenting,etc. AND it's cheaper than therapy.

Denise said...

She is almost as funny as you! Thanks by the way, now I have one more blog to read each day.

Melissa Stover said...

did i really say exploding boobs on the internet? i'm embarrassed now.