Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Convinced

Last week was Chickadee's Birthday Bash at A Familiar Path. I don't remember exactly how I happened upon her blog, but I've been reading since last fall. If you haven't been reading already, you really should drop by. She takes beautiful pictures and I must admit I felt a little cool when I realized I have the same glasses she does (well, I'm working on my set). Anyway, I dutifully commented on all the posts, hoping to win something, and when I got home this afternoon I had an email telling me I had won a bird!

You may be wondering what a bird has to do with this post title, so let me share. I am sure this baby is a girl. This is an even better sign than when I was pregnant with Jack and my mom had a crossword puzzle with "Ava" and "Omaha" in the answers. As some of you know, if Jack had been a girl, he would have been named Ava June--Ava because it means bird, like Jay, and June after my grandmother (and the obvious fact that the baby would be born in June). This time around I am still wanting to use that for the girl name, though Jay isn't sure since he thinks it may be too popular. I am on record as thinking this is silly, since unless I have several other daughters turn into George Foreman, there's no way she's going to have a bunch of Avas in her class.

Anyway...As we were driving home today I was thinking about the birds Amy made and how if we had a girl, we could call her Ava and decorate her room in bird things. I used the opportunity to plead the case for Ava again (and to please help me come up with some boy name ideas other than Ruttiger or Limus), because wouldn't that be so perfect? And then I got home and found my bird in my email. Don't you think that's pretty convincing?

For the record, I am not a big believer in signs, and if I am convinced of something like this, it usually turns out completely different. But I'm still pretty sure. If it is a boy, that's all good, too. The bird I won is blue, so it could be a sign it's a boy...


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

well i hope it's a girl and ava's a beautiful name. we liked it too.

so you collect jelly jars as well? those are my special sunday dinner glasses!

wouldn't the birds be pretty as a mobile?

Sara said...

A boy and a girl is great, although they are all great! I love the name Ava. I had the same problem with Sophia, I didn't want my kids to have really common names either and her name was supposed to be Mia Rachel Kathryn (from the time I was pregnant with Avery, six years before)and Eli convinced me to change it to Sophia (which is great too) and I found out that the year she was born or the year after (I can't remember if it was '06 or '07) "Sophia" was the most popular name! But I can tell you honestly, I have yet to meet another baby with her name, so I don't think that's a good argument on Jay's part ;) As long as you don't name her Sara, LOL, I think you'll be just fine.
I'm so excited for you!!

Rachel said...

Well if you want a bird theme. I could make you this

I had thought about making it for someone. I just wasn't sure who. Emalee was going to be Clayton (called Clay), you could go with Drake, or Baird ? LOL