Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Before vacation we were doing some activities to go along with Little Red Riding Hood. We finally finished up today! The version pictured above is the first version we read.

Jack colored a basket of things he would take to Grandma's if she were sick. On the page behind the picture he drew (from left to right) Grandma, me, and himself.

We also made puppets, a word book, and did a sequencing activity. All of the activities are from the Evan Moor Folktales and Fairy Tales Literature Pockets book.

These are the things he wanted to take to Grandma (starting with the red item): a cat, a TV to watch the weather on (the yellow streaks are lightning), a necklace, and a plant.

This was Jack's favorite version of Little Red Riding Hood.

He also enjoyed Lon Po Po, though he seemed to find it a little creepy.

I found this version, told by the wolf, at our library. Jack wasn't sure he believed the wolf.

We'll be wrapping up fairy tales this week and then it's on to a favorite subject around here: dogs!

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Amber said...

Rats! I was really hoping for Polly Pockets! ;-)