Friday, March 6, 2009

Sesame Street Live

This morning we went to Sesame Street Live. This was our third year to go, and we told Jack maybe next year he would want to go to something different. Later, though, he told me he would try something different next time, but after that he wanted to go back to this. We'll see.

Waiting for the show to start. We waited a long time because we got a good parking spot, and at 10:30 (when the show was supposed to start), Big Bird came over the speakers and said the show would be starting in 15 more minutes. Great! Because you know it's really fun to sit with an impatient four year old who has already been waiting for half an hour. For part of the time, Jack used his binoculars from last year to see his friend who was sitting across the arena.

I have to include this picture for anyone who has ever taken their child to Sesame Street Live. At intermission they have these guys come out with these mylar Elmo balloons that are $8. Now, I'm not a cheap person, but really? $8 for a balloon? So each year we talk down the balloons and talk up the regular souvenirs. As I was trying to snap this picture of the confetti cannons going off, $8 floated to the ceiling in front of my camera and Jay and I started laughing. It was joining at least another $40 up there.

This year Jack chose this set of Sesame Street people. He's playing with them in the bathtub right now!

After the show we went to lunch at Toby Keith's, where Jack had to sit on all of the tailgate seats.

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