Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Tonight we had our family Thanksgiving dinner. Alice was so excited you would think she remembered last year. Or maybe she was just excited to eat in the dining room. It was a long day out with very little nap, so to keep the peace we let her sit in a regular chair, which thrilled her.

I love this picture. All three of them in a nutshell.

Obligatory food pic--Do you think it looks weird to have so many dishes from the same set? I am thinking maybe I need some solid pieces to break it up. I am sure that is a real concern and not my dish addiction speaking.

Oh, and this was on my camera, too. WalMart, if anyone feels gifty.

I made pumpkin pie from my grandma's recipe again. I said something about pumpkin pie reminding me of my grandma and that this was her recipe. Jack told me that it reminded him of his grandma because she made the best pumpkin pie. It's all the same recipe, so maybe I'm doing something wrong since my pie does not seem to equal grandma's pie.

After putting Alice to bed, this is what was left. I love that the hutch lights up, but we pretty much never plug it in. I need to do that more.

Tonight at dinner we got on a discussion about names and Jay told Jack that we had decided his name ten years before he was born. When we were 17, I mentioned liking the name Jack Henry and it turned out that that was Jay's grandpa's name.

"That's why he had to marry me," I told Jack.

"There was one other reason I had to marry her," said Jay.

"Because you wrecked my car?"

"You wrecked mom's car?"

"Because she invited me over to play Super Mario Brothers."

Not where I thought that was going, but I liked it. So tonight I am thankful for the little things that turn into big things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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